Coaching Circles

Join other Skincare Enthusiasts in learning about the Skincare Heidi Method and the steps you can take to improve your skin. Working together in small groups we thoroughly examine specific topics and progress through lessons from beginning to end.

Basically, Circles are my Skincare School!

💙 Build YOUR best Skincare Routine

💙 Develop new skills with guidance from me!

💙 Share and learn with your Skincare Buddies



Coaching circle

Everything you need to know to start your own Personal Skincare Routine; get the skin you've always wanted, step by step.
Perfect for beginners and anyone struggling to find their perfect routine. Build a routine from scratch or trouble-shoot what you're doing now.

Weekly Topics for this circle

  1. Setting the Stage – Getting Ready for Skincare

  2. The Three Variables of Routine Building

  3. Achieving Consistent Daily Practice


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Autumn 2020
Can you make it?

​Week One: Setting the Stage

Create your best opportunity to succeed.

I'm sure you are keen to get straight into the nitty gritty of sorting out your routine but before we get into all that, let's make sure that you are set up for success!​

This series reviews all the lifestyle factors that will set you on the right path to get the most from your routine.

💙 Post One: Time

💙 Post Two: Hygiene

💙 Post Three: Equipment

💙 Post Four: Making Space

💙 Post Five: Headspace & Self

💙 Post Six: Wrap up for Week One

Week Two: Document Your Routine

We will begin to explore how to track your routine. It is so important to build your routine in a way that minimises any chance of compromising your barrier, but at the same time address your issues and concerns. If you followed the Skindergarten Circle you will have learned about the 3 Variables of Routine Building: 

Post One: Document Your Weekly Routine

Post Two: Patch Testing

Post Three: The SH-IP: Skincare Heidi Introduction Protocol

Week Three: Look to the Future

- Issues and Goals

If you discovered your PERFECT routine, what would your skin look like this time next year? What's getting in the way? 

Post One: Your Skincare Issues: Flaws, Dilemmas & Questions

Post Two: Your Skincare Dream and How To Get There

Post Three: Conclusion to the Bullet Journal Circle



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