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3. Setting the Stage: TOOLS & EQUIPMENT - Face Cloths and More

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

The most important (and maybe only) tool you need is something to wash your face with. I'm a firm believer in a good old fashioned face cloth (a flannel, a wash cloth, etc.). Some people prefer to use muslin cloths, or halo cloths or microfibre. Use what works for you, but, whatever you use, please, for the love of God, it must be: CLEAN!

Anyone serious about Skincare knows that cleansing wipes are not to be used except in an emergency (or possibly to remove a full face of makeup before cleansing) but if you don't use a clean cloth as part of your routine every day you're just swiping bacteria and yesterday's grime all over your face. Yuck.

Invest in a set of cloths, it's better value than any product.

They don't have to be fancy. In fact, fancy ones are often too fluffy and soft. I prefer a slightly rougher texture (although if your skin is very sensitive, fluffy might be better). However, if you do want to get fancy there are lovely organic hemp and linen cloths available. These materials have anti-bacterial properties, dry faster, aren't chemically dyed, and look gorgeous on your towel rack. They also last forever, so if you're looking to invest, that's a good place to do it.

Other tips for purchasing face cloths:

- Cheap ones from the grocery store or IKEA in a big bulk pack are perfectly fine.

- There are two schools of thought regarding the colour: some like white because they want to see the grime coming off, some like dark because they don't. I don't really care either way because these aren't my *for good* cloths. They are only for my face and I have a ton in all different colours. If you do get darker ones then keep in mind that the dye may come out when you first start to use it.

- Have enough that you never have to worry about doing a load of laundry to get a clean one. It helps if you wash them on hot, especially if you use an oil cleanser, but it's not strictly necessary with modern equipment. Make sure that they are completely dry before storing them away - that bit is strictly necessary. I have about a thousand cloths, roughly.

Some people like to have a dedicated set that are a different colour to the ones the of the family uses - especially if you have small grubby people who live in your house who may be using your cloths on their derriere from time to time. Lock them up if you must. If you use a towel as well the same logic applies.

I use one new cloth per day. I switch to a fresh one after my first cleanse PM because that is when it gets the most dirt and makeup. So the second cleanse gets a fresh cloth, then I hang it and use it again to give my face a swipe in the morning and for my AM cleanse. Then I hang it for my first cleanse PM. If I feel like it's grimy I just use a fresh one.

That's really the primary piece of kit that you'll need.

Make sure anything else that touches your face (cotton squares, sponges, towels, etc) is clean and stored so it stays dry and free from being sprayed, misted, or contaminated in any way. If you use washable make-up pads then treat them as you would your face cloth.

If you use any gadgets or appliances the same logic applies. Try not to use any cleansing gadgets that can't be thoroughly washed and dried between uses. Same goes for crystal rollers, stamps, derma-rollers, razors, etc.

While you're at it, make sure your make-up brushes and sponges are also good to go!


💬 What do you use to wash your face? 💬 Do you have enough cloths to get you through wash day? 💬 What other tools are a part of your skincare ritual?


TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: Is there anything you're missing?

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