Post 4. Week One Follow-Up.

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

I'm pleased to let you know that I'm putting the finishing touches on the post for the WEEK TWO TASK - I'll put it up tomorrow. This gives us a few days before the task begins on Friday to ask and answer questions, update Journals, and, most importantly, to clarify for everyone exactly what the task entails.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to publish a schedule for the rest of the challenge.

TUESDAY: Post the WEEK TWO CHALLENGE & TASK. This is so you can take a few days to decide exactly what your SWITCH UP will be and to make sure that it's clear in your mind. It also gives you a chance to get opinions and have a bit of Coaching on your Journal if you want guidance.

FRIDAY: one full week of CHECK-INS! And the start the Week Two Check-in with the new task (Switch it up - a trial and error task). I try to post first thing (unless life gets in the way). This gives us a few days over the weekend to get used to it the new task. I'll sometimes do a LIVE on Friday - you can post questions for me to answer or I might walk you through a specific part of the challenge.

On MONDAY I address any house-keeping (like this post!). I go over the existing posts, make sure that I've answered everyone. I also sometimes edit the list of participants for the Challenge. So, if you haven't joined in you might find that your name is missing from the next round of Check-ins and the next TASKS.

Then the following TUESDAY I will post the Week THREE task.

And the following FRIDAY - launch the Week THREE task.

It means a lot to me when everyone *likes* posts and comments - it makes a big difference when I know who's read what!

And please don't be shy to add any questions that pop up!!! Chances are, if you're wondering about something then someone else is too. This group is my lab to test everything out so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated 😊😊😊😊😊

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