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  • Build your best skincare routine, week by week
  • Develop new skills with in-depth guidance
  • Share and learn with your Skincare Buddies

check-in Challenge

working on consistency, all levels
  • Cornerstone of Skincare: BEING CONSISTENT
  • Technique: Trial and Error, TWEAKS
The perfect starting place, this Challenge works for everyone who is looking to build their ideal routine.
For all levels, this challenge is great if you are:
- new to skincare and don't know where to start,
- more experienced, but unhappy with your current routine and want to identify which products to test and find ways to make improvements,
- generally happy with your routine but want to test and optimise it. 
This Challenge has a daily Check-In and participants are accountable to each other for support and encouragement while developing a consistent daily practice.
All Challenges last three weeks and each participant will set and track weekly tasks each designed to develop a specific skill. 
This Check-in Challenge will look at three essential aspects of building your routine:
  • Skincare Cornerstone: BEING CONSISTENT. Assessing your commitment to doing daily Skincare through group accountability and daily Check-ins. Documenting your routine is a key element for this week.
  • Skincare Technique: TWEAKS. How to identify single variables to test within your skincare routine.
  • Skincare Ritual: PLANNING. Identify how to move closer to your goals by testing your skincare routine with weekly tasks that are specific, measurable and clear.
Please feel free to read through the Challenge Posts below for an overview of what we cover in the Challenge. However, the exact content will be customised to each group.
Want to join in the next Check-In Challenge?
Add your name to the comments in Post One to register your interest. Challenges need a minimum of 6 participants to run. Participants must be members of SH, register HERE.
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