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Skincare Circles

Skincare Heidi
Join other Enthusiasts in learning about the Skincare Heidi Method and how it can help you to improve your skin. Working together in small groups we thoroughly examine specific topics and progress through lessons from beginning to end.
Circles are my Skincare School!
💙 Build your best Skincare Routine
💙 Develop new skills with guidance from me!
💙 Share and learn with your Skincare Buddies
About Coaching Circles​

💙 Each Circle is for a group to follow along together.

💙 Each Circle covers a specific aspect of the Skincare Heidi Method. 

💙 Each Circle consists of a series of posts, each exploring a particular topic. Posts are interactive and may include talking points for discussion, actions items for participants and sometimes homework!

💙 Circles follow a 3-week programme, based on 2-6 lessons per week for three weeks. Participants can follow along at their own pace.

💙 Circles are especially suited to anyone who wants to up their Skincare game, but may not need intensive Private Coaching.

💙 Circles are available to anyone. Content is free. Commenting and feedback  from Heidi is reserved for Skincare Heidi Members.

How to join in:
2 - RSVP (using the link provided)
3 - You will be notified when the next session will start
Why join a SKINCARE Circle?

💙 The small group format allows participants to support each other, as well as the chance to work together, bounce ideas around, share techniques and experience, and to discover products.

💙 Circles are an economical way to access coaching from Heidi. Access to Coaching starts at $10 per year! Find out more about becoming a member.

the details:

💙 SH Circles are available as either a self-guided class, within a Scheduled Group, or as part of an Individual Coaching Programme.

💙 SH Coaching Circles may be completed at an individual pace according to progression through each lesson.

💙 Registration will open when the start date is announced.

💙 Registration will close when the Circle begins and the wait list for the next Circle will open.

💙 Everyone in the Circle reads the posts and comments or replies to the talking points in the Post. If you are a member of the website you can comment directly on the post.

💙 You can also comment/ask questions/chat about the topic on the related group chat.

💙 For each Post you may find it helpful to update your Bullet Journal with any notes, questions, unresolved issues or results that you wish to remember later.​

join - Skincare Heidi Membership

💙 All Skincare Heidi content is available online, for free.

💙 Basic Level $10 per year, renewable. Entitles members to access the website, Basic Level Coaching Circles, feedback from Heidi according to availability and Community Participation.

💙 Advanced Level $25 per month, renewable at the Advanced or Basic Level. Entitles members to all the benefits of the Basic Level plus Advanced Level Coaching Circles, priority for individual feedback and half and hour of One-on-One Coaching per month with Heidi.

💙 Executive Level: $200 per year, $400 for life, or bestowed by me. Executive members are entitled to all the same benefits as Advanced Level Membership, but with priority for Coaching over other levels.

💙 Membership prices are based on participation thresholds and may be raised according to availability. All memberships may be cancelled and refunded if it’s not working out.


I stand behind all Skincare Heidi services and happily offer a

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on any unused membership.

what if I can't keep up?

💙 There's no pressure to try and 'keep up'. Everyone will progress through the Circles at a different rate. Some posts will be easy for some, but take longer for others. You can follow along with the group even if you need to take a bit more time. The content will remain online for you to consult.


Questions or comments? Just get in touch.

List of Circles
Intro Level Coaching Circles

Skindergarten Circle

– This is where you start when you don’t know where to start.

for anyone who is ready to get serious about skincare.

Skindergarten Weekly Topics:

  1. Setting the Stage – Getting Ready for Skincare

  2. The Three Variables of Routine Building: Quantity, Frequency & Sequencing

  3. Achieving Consistent Daily Practice


Bullet Journal Circle
– set up a Skincare Bullet journal to document and track your personal skincare journey.

Bullet Journal Weekly Topics:

  1. Create Your Profile

  2. Document Your Routine

  3. Look to the future: Issues and Goals


Skincraft Basics Circle

- Get the skin you've always wanted, step by step. Perfect for beginners and anyone struggling to find their perfect routine. Build a routine from scratch or trouble-shoot what you're doing now.

Skincraft Basics Weekly Topics:

  1. Wash Your Face! Topics in Cleansing

  2. Hydration, Dryness and Finding Balance

  3. Protection: Moisturiser & Sunscreen

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