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intro level skincare Circle

Join other Skincare Enthusiasts in learning about the Skincare Heidi Method and the steps you can take to improve your skin. Working together in small groups we thoroughly examine specific topics and progress through lessons from beginning to end. Basically, Circles are my Skincare School!​

💙 Build YOUR best Skincare Routine

💙 Develop new skills with guidance from me!

💙 Share and learn with your Skincare Buddies

Skincraft Basics

Get the skin you've always wanted, step by step. Perfect for beginners and anyone struggling to find their perfect routine. Build a routine from scratch or trouble-shoot what you're doing now.

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Skincraft Basics, Cleansing


Wash your face!
This week we'll cover everything you need to know to find a cleanser you can fall in love with.
Cleansing is the foundation of every great routine. It may be a necessarily evil to some, but, if you get it wrong, it can undermine your entire process.
Finding the right cleanser will be a breeze for some and a total pain for others. Each time you test a new cleansers you're starting over. Go at your own pace - the important thing is that you give each step the time it needs to get it right.
cleansing grophic.jpg


Wrap-up Introduction Unit homework

Testing your cleanser and identifying potential road-blocks

Daily Chat Check-in.


Hydration, Dryness and Finding Balance

It's time to make your skin happy! Happy skin has the right levels of hydrations and lipids (oils).

This week we will look at the factors that create a state of balance within your skin.
More important than actives and second only to cleansing HYDRATION is your best chance of getting the skin you've always wanted.
Skincraft Basics, Hydration
Skincraft Basics, Protection

protection: Moisturiser & Sunscreen

The number one pro-health, anti-age skincare product is Sunscreen.
Find one you love and wear it.
Moisturisers, day creams, night creams, emulsions, emollients, occlusives, oils, balms, salves and ointments. What are they? What do they do? 

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