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1. Cleansers: But First, A Note About Purchasing

Updated: May 2, 2020

Now that we're getting into the product based portion of the SH Method I thought it would be a good time to clarify my position on the issue of purchasing, recommendations and *influencing*.

My policy is: No Freebies, No Filters. No Fake News.

I don't accept free stuff. My pictures are really me. I have no reason to promote anyone or any specific product. I don't make stuff up and I tell the truth based on my own experience. I haven't tried every single product because I use what works for me. I don't solicit freebies. I wouldn't accept freebies. I don't use affiliate links and I'm not associated with any specific company.


  • I once got a gift card from Deciem to thank me for my participation in the Deciem Chat room valued at $200. I already used a lot of their products before this happened and I pretty much used it to re-purchase stuff I'd already used. Plus they sent me a bonus bottle of CAIS - lucky me! I'd never spend that much on a serum 😂😂


  • I believe 100% that great skin is available at any price point. And I also believe that no one should overstretch themselves in the pursuit of great skin. I feel very conflicted about recommending products, especially if it means dictating someone else's spending. Sure, some posh products are great, some cheap products are great - price doesn't tell you very much. The key is always to test and find what works for you within the budget that makes sense to you.


  • It's really hard to guess what will work for someone else, mainly because skincare is so personal. But it's also because the SH Method is all about empowering you to make the choices that work for you. I am happy to share my opinion about various products and I'm happy to help you investigate your products. It can be useful to gather the opinions of others who have used a particular product. But ultimately there's only one way to know if a product will suit you, and that's to try it.

💬💬💬 What's your most expensive product you ever got? Would you repurchase? What's you best go-to bargain? Tell us how important *value* is to you, and how do you judge value?


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