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A Loveletter to Rosewater

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

February is LOVE MONTH, so it's a great time to share some of my favourites with you. And when I look at my routine the product that I've been using the longest, with the most consistency, the one that I am NEVER without, is PURE ROSEWATER.

Let me count the ways I love you, Rosewater:

- You're the least expensive product I own

- You can be used by almost everyone (I give some on a cotton pad to my kid so she can do a routine too!)

- You make everything else work better

- You are pretty much impossible to fuck up!

- MOST OF ALL: You give me plump, luscious skin :)

But it's just water, right?

Yes, it's water that smells nice - AND - it's been distilled so that it's very pure; there's really not much more to it. Rosewater is made by distillation - roses are macerated in water and then the water is boiled off and the steam is collected and condensed back into water. Sometimes there is a small amount of citric acid added as a preservative, but I haven't found that to make a difference (for me) in how I use it in my skincare.

What's so great about it? Couldn't I just use water?

Of course you could use water - water is water. Usually. Unless you live somewhere where the water is really hard, or you have to use water softeners, or the water is chlorinated, or fluoridated, or minerally, or smelly. So, maybe it's not the same?