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2. Cleansing: Why Cleanse?

Updated: May 2, 2020

It seems obvious. To clean your skin. Right? Many of us don't really consider this step at all. We obsess over the order of serums, deliberate for months choosing actives and invest heavily in the best moisturisers. But cleansers? You just wash them off. Job done. Move on. Right?


Cleansers are essential. I would argue that this is the only step of your routine that you can't skip. You would never just smear your serum on your face without giving it a quick clean. It's obvious. It's just not all that glamorous.

I encourage you to re-think your cleansing. Or maybe just start thinking about it in the first place. Because if your cleansing ritual isn't working then your routine isn't working. If your cleanser is causing you even low-grade irritation then it is undermining the skin's function. It may not show up until something else comes along to tip you over the edge. This is why it's essential to pay attention to how your current cleansing ritual makes your skin feel.

What does cleansing do for your skin? - removes make-up, pollutants and dirt (first cleanse) - washes the surface of the skin once these contaminants are removed (second cleanse) - refreshes the skin (AM cleanse) - prepares the surface of the skin to receive hydration and serums - hydrates the skin (assuming you use water when cleansing) - maintains (or disrupts) oil balance by conditioning the surface of the skin - removes dead cells that are the main component of your skin outer layer (the Corneum Stratum or CS) - conditions the upper layer (CS) for improved skin function

If you haven't already you should update your Bullet Journal with your cleansing ritual. You may have a few more details to add now that you've started to read this. If you haven't updated it then there's no time like the present!


💬 Describe your attitude with regards to your cleansing? 💬 How do you feel about your cleansers? 💬 Do you feel like you have any mental blocks to cleansing?

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