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5. Cleansing: Choosing a Cleanser & the Different Types of Cleansers

Updated: May 2, 2020

I get a lot of requests to recommend products, and I'm usually unsure what to say. Of course there are products I love, companies I want to support and opinions to offer. But at the end of the day I'm never going to know if it's the right one for you (and neither will anyone else!)

I put this post together to help you analyse your own cleansers so you can narrow it down and decide what you want to trial.


It's so frustrating when your current cleanser is no longer cutting it and you don't know where to turn. For years I disregarded my cleanser as unimportant because it just gets washed off, right?

Now I've come around. I realise that cleansers are the foundation of my routine. If your cleanser isn't making you fall in love then you should keep looking. A great cleanser will clean off makeup and grime, remove dead skin and help keep your pores clear. It will prep your skin for the rest of your routine and allow actives to absorb. If you're not paying attention to this step you may be undermining the rest of your routine.

My top tips for finding your Cleansing True Love:

🛑 Eliminate anything that foams. Gels, soaps or washes that foam contain surfactants that strip the skin. These surfactants are usually drying ingredients like sulphates (SLS). Even if sulphates are not present there are other detergents with similar properties to replace them. You can't have bubbles without detergents. It's important to find cleansers that are SLS free but just because it it's SLS-free doesn't mean it's good.

🛑 Eliminate anything with scrubby bits. Physical exfo