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2. Setting the Stage: HYGIENE - Wash Your Hands Before You Wash Your Face

Updated: Mar 11, 2021


You've spent all that money on all those lovely bottles of potions and lotions. I know you want to get the most of them, so a few basic hygiene practices should be a part of your ritual.

So yes, wash your hands.

While you're at it, wash your sink as well. There's not much point in having a brand new fresh cloth if you're going to put it down in a dirty sink. And realistically, we all have dirty sinks!


Fine, you aren't going to actually wash your sink each time you do skincare. You can still think it through to have the best chance at a clean workspace. The best case scenario is to give your sink and countertop a quick going-over before starting your routine. I keep a sprinkly jar of baking soda by my sink so I can try and convince my tiny room-mate that it's *fun to clean the sink*. Obviously this rarely works, but it's still fun for her to play around and sometimes join in the skincare fun.

Yes, I wish I was really disciplined and I would just give my sink a clean before starting my routine. But really, is that going to happen? So instead I just hang up the cloth instead of putting it down. Just be aware of where you place your stuff. If you don't have a *safe* spot to hang your flannel just make sure you get a new one every time.

It also depends on what type of cleansing habits you have: if you run the water to wet the cloth or if you fill the basin and splash. If you fill the basin then you have less wiggle room and you really should clean it before starting. Baking soda or a spray with vinaeger is enough. If you use harsh chemicals to clean make sure that a) you aren't spraying anywhere near your face or near your cloths, and b) you wash your hands to remove any chemical residue.

WHERE ARE YOU AT? 💬 Are there any hygiene issues getting in the way of your routine? 💬 Brag about your good habits and share your tips with us! 💬 Or... any dark shameful habits you're embarrassed of? Let us know and we can help you find a solution!


Hygiene: any bad habits you know you need to break?

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I always wash my hands now since you mentioned it! The last thing I do before my routine is stroke the dog and she’s grim!

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