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4. Setting the Stage: MAKING SPACE - Your Skincare Set-up

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

You want your routine to be a part of the day you really look forward to and you will probably find that easiest if there is space for your routine in your environment. Making your physical space function properly will help your mind more orderly as well.

Make yourself a comfortable place to do your face washing and routine. Have your products accessible, not at the back behind the kid's bath toys. It might be convenient to have them in a caddy next to you rather than to go back and forth to a cupboard. You might like to have organisers and little shelves or cabinets or whatever. One of our members has an entire studio dedicated to her ritual!

If you like candles and soft music, go for it. Get a nice hairband or invest in a silk scrunchie. Keep your bottles clean, wipe off the crud from around the rim. Put things away in an orderly fashion. And always put the lids on tightly to avoid mishaps 😉😁

There are some great inspiration ideas of our member's setups on the SH group photo page in the *Share Your Stash* album. Feel free to add your pics as well!

DISCUSSION TOPICS 💬 What's your set-up like? How does it inspire you to get into a good habit? 💬 What would you like to improve about your set-up? 💬 Post a pic of your set-up!

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Every time I notice the ‘crud’ on a bottle I think of this post 😅

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