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5. Setting the Stage: HEADSPACE & SELF - Looking in the Mirror

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

😃 Apologies in advance if this post gets a bit *self-helpy* 😃

I don't think that anyone can honestly say that they've Set The Stage for great skincare without considering the role of emotion, outlook and attitude.

Some of us have no problem taking the time for Skincare as an essential moment of *me* time. But not everyone can make this a reality, or not all the time. There is no doubt that Skincare is linked to self esteem - How could it not be? It's your face - what's more YOU than your face?

Feelings matter. You won't always FEEL like washing your face. I don't - believe it or not! But I do it anyway. Because it's more important to me to look myself in the eye and know that I did it.

Feelings change. Doing your routine when you don't feel like it might just be the thing that makes you feel like you deserve the effort. Which brings me to one of my most important lessons about skincare:


The SH Method has no room for: - self-deprecation - calling yourself ugly - beating yourself up - falling off the wagon (we just don't have this. You missed a routine, move on, tomorrow is another day. What happened yesterday does not determine what happens tomorrow) - negative messaging or self-sabotage

This will be harder for some than for others. For some it may actually be impossible. Work on it. Replace negative messaging with: - self-love - recognising your efforts as genuine and important - specific and concrete actions - treating yourself 💙💙💙

I promise I won't be turning this Circle into a new-age hippie fest. But I will be on the lookout for self-sabotage and negative messaging. You are beautiful and you deserve to celebrate your own beauty.


  • Try not let your daily hassles into your Skincare headspace. If you like a scented candle or music, or just some peace and quiet, then claim it!

  • Lock the door!

  • If you're the type to do affirmations or mindfulness this is the time.

  • Pay attention to your emotions. You might even want to track this as part of your Bullet Journal.

These DISCUSSION TOPICS are a bit more personal. You don't have to share anything if you're uncomfortable but I would like each of you to give these factors a bit of thought.

💬💬💬 Mood. How does your mood affect how your feel about your skincare? Are you able to: Enjoy it? Take your time? Focus on what you're doing? Embrace positive thoughts?

💬💬💬 Self. How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror? What does the link between Skincare and Self Esteem mean to you?

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