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Bullet Journal Circle, Post 2. SKINCARE SNAPSHOT

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In the first post of this Coaching Circle your task was to consider what type of Journal you would use for your skincare tracking. The next task is to start to fill in your Journal.

Your skin is changing all the time and so is your routine. Even if you stick to the same products you probably make little adjustments, maybe without even realising it. Bullet Journals are a great tool for building and tracking your routine. This post will examine some of the many different types of information you can add when starting your Journal.

TASK: Choose your Bullet Journal Format.

Should you track your routine in a notebook or online? Most of you will know right away which will work better for you - you're probably already doing it. Some of you may want to combine both. Even if your Bullet Journal is in a notebook you may want to have an online Journal Post as well, for storing pictures, for example, or dates. If you don't have a strong gut feeling for your journal you can always keep your options open and experiment until you are sure that you've got the right format.

What format will work for you? Old School vs. New School

  • Old School: pen and paper.

  • New School - electronic tracking: On the SH Facebook Bullet Journal Group, on your phone or other private system.