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1. Being Consistent - declare it; The Check-In Challenge.

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Skincare. It's all about finding the perfect products, right? NOPE!

The Skincare Heidi Method is all about building a routine that suits your skin, fits your lifestyle, and works.

The Check-In Challenge is for everyone who wants the skills to develop a great routine. It's also for anyone struggling to get their routine done EVERY DAY.

You will learn and practice a new skill each week for three consecutive weeks and then wrap-up with an assessment . You will document your process as you go and also check-in with the group each day. And you'll help others do the same.

This Check-in Challenge will look at three essential aspects of building your routine:

Skincare Cornerstone: BEING CONSISTENT. Assessing your commitment to doing daily Skincare through group accountability and daily Check-ins. Documenting your routine is a big key element for this week so get ready to use your Bullet Journal.

Skincare Technique: TWEAKS. How to identify single variables to test within your skincare routine.

Skincare Ritual: PLANNING. Identify how to move closer to your goals by testing your skincare routine with weekly tasks that are specific, measurable and clear.

To participate: declare your participation, document your challenge in your Bullet Journal, and Check-in daily.

WEEK ONE – Document Your Routine & Daily Check-In.

The goal for week one is to make sure that you do your routine every day and to support each other in being consistent. Keeping track of your routine can be a challenge so we start at the beginning and make sure that everything is in place, step by step. This means doing your routine every day, but it also means that your routine is clear in your head and you know what products you’re using and why. Whether you’re still working on basics or you’re in a trial phase, or even if you’ve got a tried and true routine, this is the time to make sure that your current routine is clear and that you know what to do every day. That your routine is fit for purpose and helping you reach your goals.

WEEK TWO – Switch It Up: How to Tweak your Routine

The goal for week two is to practice a Trial and Error skill needed to test your products. In Week One you will have repeated the same routine daily so in Week Two you will choose one variable to test. This is the perfect time to take a closer look at the products you're already using. The idea with this challenge is not to add something new but to focus on technique within your current routine by making a small tweak that could make a big difference.

Some ideas:

  • Test your cleanser: use only one cleanser for the entire week

  • Switch it up: change the sequencing of your existing routine

  • Go half face: is there a product that is in your routine you’re unsure of? Use it on only half your face for a week and see if you observe any difference.

  • Choose your own challenge: is there something in your current routine that you want to investigate?

Not only will you practice a *tweak* but you'll also document these changes so that you can keep track of your routine as it develops.

WEEK THREE – Something Old: Planning Your Routine Around What Works

The goal this week is to look at your past successes. Consider if there is anything missing from your routine that could be addressed with a product you’ve used in the past. Maybe you’ve got an old favourite that fell out of regular use as you tested other products – this is your chance to shop your stash! One week isn’t enough time to properly patch test or introduce a new product so the point here isn’t to find something new to add but rather to make sure that there isn’t something getting left behind. You may want to wait for the results from Weeks One and Two before deciding what your Week Three Challenge will be.

Some ideas:

  • Returning to an active that hasn’t been in rotation lately

  • Switching up your sunscreen

  • Doing the Accelerated Method with a favourite product

  • Making a favourite treatment a part of your regular routine

Thanks for joining in the Skincare Heidi Check-In Challenge!

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