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1. Being Consistent - declare it; The Check-In Challenge.

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Skincare. It's all about finding the perfect products, right? NOPE!

The Skincare Heidi Method is all about building a routine that suits your skin, fits your lifestyle, and works.

The Check-In Challenge is for everyone who wants the skills to develop a great routine. It's also for anyone struggling to get their routine done EVERY DAY.

You will learn and practice a new skill each week for three consecutive weeks and then wrap-up with an assessment . You will document your process as you go and also check-in with the group each day. And you'll help others do the same.

This Check-in Challenge will look at three essential aspects of building your routine:

Skincare Cornerstone: BEING CONSISTENT. Assessing your commitment to doing daily Skincare through group accountability and daily Check-ins. Documenting your routine is a big key element for this week so get ready to use your Bullet Journal.

Skincare Technique: TWEAKS. How to identify single variables to test within your skincare routine.

Skincare Ritual: PLANNING. Identify how to move closer to your goals by testing your skincare routine with weekly tasks that are specific, measurable and clear.