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SH DECIEM CHAT: A Cautionary Tale

🔥🔥🔥 A Cautionary Tale 🔥🔥🔥 (or how the burn snuck up to bite me in the neck!)

Hi lovely people! I've noticed lately a lot of members posting about their troubles with burns and irritation. Well, of course, you say ... Newbies get into all kinds of trouble when they get overexcited and start mixing every product under the sun. But this is different. This time it's experienced TO users who have reasonable routines, a consistent approach and, importantly, have taken the time to know what works and when to pull back. I'm talking about myself, obviously 🤣🤣

The backstory: a few months ago I started getting an itchy neck. No big deal. I pulled back on acids, slowed any planned introductions, increased hydration and tried to forget about it. Fast forward and this itching has gotten worse. As a result of my inevitable scratching I developed a welt on my neck. Not cute. 😖 I did the obvious, eliminated each product, one at a time, waited for the miracle recovery... It never happened. Not one single product seemed to be responsible for this itchiness... An itchiness that was rapidly becoming irritation and then turning into a rash. It happened so gradually that I always just assumed it was just a temporary annoyance. But no, months later and it's still there 🤔 To make matters worse the same thing happened on my eyelids! I've posted about this before - I accidentally got some of the Vitamin C 23% on one eyelid which caused a small chemical burn. But why would both eyelids now be affected? Hmmmmm... Nothing has really worked... I don't currently use any of the products that I was using when the whole thing started. I'm pretty sure it was the Resveratrol+ferulic that triggered the initial reaction but I stopped it as soon as I realised that even 1 drop once a week was too much. I probably used it 5 times total. I was able to eliminate the rash with cortisone but the itching came back. I guess I broke my moisture barrier, but only on my neck and eyelids. The skin on my face is in great shape! Weird. As I've pondered my dilemma I've had a few realisations: - that my neck and eyelids are probably more sensitive as they have been exposed to fewer actives over the years - that products on my face and other places can affect these areas even when no product is directly applied - that itchiness is not a benign symptom and I should have payed attention earlier. My question to you lovelies: Have you had a similar experience? Do you have any suspected culprits? Do you have any theories? I have a theory I'm working on but I'd love to know what you guys think. Especially those of you who have been using TO for a year or more. For scientific purposes 😉 please state how long you have been using TO. Here's a lovely super close-up shot of my eyelids just to get sympathy! Have a great day! 💙💙💙🦋🦋🦋💙💙💙

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