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TASK TWO: How to Track New Product Trials & Introductions

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

In the first week of the Bullet Journal Challenge we looked at how to document your routine in your Journal. This week we will explore another way to use your journal, specifically: how to track trials and introductions of new products that you're thinking of adding to your routine.

If you know me at all you know that I'm all about a conservative approach to adding new products. You've probably already seen my post about Patch Testing:(

And if you've ever asked me about adding a new product to your routine then there's a good chance that I've recommended my *Safe Introduction Protocol* to you.

In fact, the first skincare article I wrote was about this topic (here's the link, it's basically a longer version of the Patch Testing Post I linked above:

It's safe to say that this topic is basically my entire philosophy wrapped up in a bow! This week's Task involves tracking the steps you've taken for your Introduction, but there are also lots of other skills that you can develop by paying attention to this process. Assessing your skin, evaluating the product, and adjusting your routine accordingly, are all parts of this process. We will look more at those skills next week. First, lets get into the nitty gritty of the Safe Introduction Protocol.

Last week you documented your routine. This week you will will pick a product to test and practice your introductions. You might have a product you already have in mind that you wanted to test. Or you could test something that you're already using that you're unsure of. Either way you'll be able to follow along.


Choose the product you want to test this week. Feel free to consult with me if you're not sure. If you want some help with this, please make sure that your current routine is up to date on your Journal. It would also be helpful if you can include a list of products you're considering for this Challenge. Each of you should:

- Declare the Introduction you've chosen on your Journal.

- Copy and paste the 7 days of the Challenge on 7 separate comments on your Journal (or 7 sections if your journal is on paper)

- Make sure that you're in the Challenge Chat so that you can check-in with your Introduction.


Every product needs to be tested. It doesn't matter if it's a cleanser, a gentle hydrator, an active or a super strong acid. When you're doing Advanced Skincare it is very difficult to predict how products will interact. For this TASK you may want to pick something more gentle so that you've already been through the process when you move on to more serious introductions.

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