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The House of Sparkles Bullet Journal Circle, Post 3. Routine Tracker

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In the first two posts of this Coaching Circle you were tasked with starting a Journal and documenting your Skincare Snapshot. We will now move on to aspects of skincare that are changeable over time, starting with your routine.

There are two main goals to this task:

- to document your routine, obviously.

- to get you thinking about your routine and the factors that make up a great routine

First Things First - write down your routine

Writing down your routine isn't always as easy at it sounds. That's why I created my Skincare Heidi Routine Tracker (with some help from the lovely and talented Dana Carter). Over the course of the week you will fill in your tracker day by day, in real time.

The idea here isn't to try and guess your routine, or to create an ideal routine. With this week's