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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A big part of this challenge is to introduce everyone to a way to track your skincare journey. I do this with a Bullet Journal. Some of us do this on their Journal Post on the SH Bullet Journal Facebook group. You may want to continue with this or you may prefer a hard copy that you can use to make notes. It’s up to you. Whichever way you decide to track it the key point is that you write it down. It’s all very good and well to do your routine every night but for true consistency you can’t be switching it up with a bunch of guesswork each time. So the second part of this challenge is to do the same routine each night for the first week. Some of you may be wondering HOW to write out a routine. This is a great question and we can review the specifics once you’ve got something written down. I’ve attached a pic of the Routine Planner page from my own Bullet Journal to give you an idea of how I do mine. There’s also a blank template you can copy. There’s not necessarily one *right* way to do it; start by writing down the products you use in the order you use them.

TASK: Declare your routine for the week, using whichever format is easiest for you. This will be the routine you will do every day for the first week of this challenge so make sure that it's clear in your own mind exactly what you will do each day.

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