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Post 5. Week Two Task: SWITCH IT UP.

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

The goal this week is to practice a Skincare Technique: how to tweak your routine with one trial at a time.

Trial and Error is an essential technique for building your routine. I would go so far as to say that it’s the only sound way to build up a routine that is perfectly suited to your particular needs. The point of Trial and Error is that you only test one variable at a time because this is the only way to know for certain of the exact effect that change has caused.

For this week’s challenge you will test something that’s already within your routine: we’re looking at playing around with technique and sequencing, not products. Hopefully this is an opportunity to discover that sometimes the key isn’t so much WHAT you use, as it is HOW you use it.

Some ideas of variables you could switch up:

  • Test your cleanser: use only one cleanser for the entire week (this one is great for beginners who aren’t totally confident in their current basics)

  • Sequencing switch-up: change the sequencing of your existing routine

  • Go half face: is there a product that is in your routine you’re unsure of? Use it on only half your face for a week and see if you observe any difference.

  • Test your oil/hydrator layering. Are you a hand-mixer? Or always oil first (or last)? Have you ever tried mixing an oil and hydrator (what?!?)?