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  • Build your best skincare routine, week by week
  • Develop new skills with in-depth guidance
  • Share and learn with your Skincare Buddies
​​Challenges are a great way to make sure that you don't sabotage your efforts by doing too much at once. Making a commitment to yourself is the focus of these challenges but having others to keep you on track doesn't hurt either! Challenges run monthly (three weekly tasks and a bit of a time for set up and to follow up) and build on each other as you progress through each one. 
  1. being consistent: Check-in challenge
  2. Skincare planning: Bullet Journal
  3. Hydration (coming soon)
  • Each Challenge in this series is focused on one Cornerstone of Skincare: guiding principles that are essential for success with your routine. The Cornerstones are: 1. Being Consistent 2. Skincare Planning and 3. Hydration.
  • These Challenges will investigate one aspect of Skincare Technique. You will explore ways to perform each step of your routine and how to use your products effectively. 
  • These Challenges also examine an aspect of Skincare Ritual. You will learn to choose and test products so you can build a routine that works for you. The goal is to fine tune your routine into a daily ritual, with each component working together, optimised to your needs.
Together, the Three Cornerstone Challenges will provide you with the theory and technique needed to develop a solid basic Skincare routine.
Hydration Challenge (coming)
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