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The House of Sparkles Bullet Journal Circle, Post 1. INTRODUCTION, FAQ & STARTING YOUR JOURNAL

Updated: Nov 16, 2020


Welcome to the Bullet Journal Coaching Circle! Your goal is to give yourself the best chance of Skincare success by learning how to document, track and plan your Skincare Routine using a Bullet Journal.

💙 Who can join in? Circles are available to anyone. Content is free. Commenting, feedback and Coaching from me is reserved for Skincare Heidi Members according to Membership Level.

💙 How do I join? RSVP on the main page to add your name to the waiting list. You'll receive a message to let you know when the next round is set to begin.

💙 What is a Coaching Circle? A Coaching Circle is a way to work together in small groups to give you the tools to get the skin you've always wanted. Learn more here.

💙 What is a Bullet Journal? A Bullet Journal is a way to track your progress, so it can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it works for you. Most participants choose to use the Skincare Heidi Bullet Journal Group on Facebook, but you may prefer a notebook or even just a file on your phone. You may want to combine different options depending on how you end up using your Journal. Let's get started!

💙 Why choose the Bullet Journal Coaching Circle? All of my Coaching Circles have the same reason for being: to give you the tools that will put you on the path to great skin! And for anyone who wants coaching or mentoring, I need a way to learn about you. I give Coaching priority to those who have completed this Circle and gone through the steps so I can get the information I need to get a full picture of your situation.


The Skincare Heidi Bullet Journal Coaching Circle will introduce the basics of documenting, tracking and planning your skincare routine. Skincare often involves a lot of variables and it can get complicated quickly! Let me help you keep it all straight.

You may get the impression that keeping a Bullet Journal is tedious or complicated, but this doesn't have to be the case - as with all skincare, simpler is often better. Your Bullet Journal only needs to be as complicated as is helpful. Your Journal is there to give you the information you need to keep your routine going in the right direction. If your routine is simple enough to track on a post-it then by all means, use a post-it as your Bullet Journal!

The likelihood, however, is that you aren't able to keep track of all your trials and results on a post-it. This is where it comes in handy to have some notes you can refer to. We all process information in different ways and we all have different lifestyles, so it's important to choose the format that will work for you. The *right* format is the one that you'll use. The one that's convenient. The one that's going to make your life easier and will give you answers you need when you need them.

Your first task is to decide what format will work best for YOU.


  • The Skincare Heidi Bullet Journal Group is an option I urge everyone to consider. Especially if you are hoping to get feedback on your progress or Coaching from me, it's hard to beat Facebook for convenience and ease of access. It's also fun to snoop on one another's posts and be inspired!

To join the group click here: Skincare Heidi 💙 Bullet Journals

If you're already in the group but don't yet have a Journal, let Gemma know and she'll set you up!


  • A notebook - sometimes the classics are the best

  • Notes on your phone or device

  • A section in your Filo-fax (there must be some people who still use these!)

  • A handcrafted scroll (ok, I'm really stretching it now)

  • Make your own app (if you can do this, please message me - I need you for a *little project*)

  • Be creative! Google Bullet Journals and see if anything calls out to you


Available for you to print, these Worksheets are a great way to document your progress. More on this in the next Circle Post.


  • Bullet Journaling should be fun. Choose a format you like and that appeals to your own personal aesthetics and style.

  • Bullet Journaling should be easy. Whether you use a notebook, your phone, your Journal Post in the Facebook Group or a combination of these (or even something else entirely) whatever you choose should be easy to access and easy to use.

  • You don't need to be good at it before you even start. You may have an idea in mind what you want your Bullet Journal to look like and then realise that you need to adapt or change it as you begin to use it. That's fine. You might want to start with something simple and use this challenge to figure out what will work - test it as you go!

  • If you feel that you don't know where to start with your Bullet Journal I recommend that you not decide right away. Use this Challenge to explore your options and see what works for you. There's no point in trying to squeeze yourself into a round hole if you're a square peg - try different methods and see what works best for you.


Your first task is to decide on a format for your Bullet Journal. This may be straightforward for some of you, if you're already a *journal-er* by nature you may already have an image in mind. For others you may have no idea where to start. If you've completed the Skindergarten Circle you've already had a sneak peak at tracking your routine. A plain sheet of paper is a perfectly good place to start. Please keep in mind that part of this Circle will be to share your Bullet Journal with others so whatever you choose you should be able to photograph or share it somehow.


Add comments and pictures to show us your Journal.

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Gemma Hickey
Gemma Hickey
Nov 20, 2020

Ulrike I can make you one. I’ve tagged you in the post for set up


ulrike  beator
ulrike beator
Nov 20, 2020

I think i will follow Dana and do it online. ahem, another silly question: how do i get started with having my own FB bullet journal post? thx!!!!!


Dana Carter
Dana Carter
Nov 17, 2020

"Sparklers" LOL... I love IT!! I'm all about computer forms so I'll be using Heidi's beautiful Tracker form, plus using my Skincare Heidi Bullet Journal on Facebook :)


Sanja Cavar Zeljkovic
Sanja Cavar Zeljkovic
Nov 17, 2020

Hi there! I ll use notebook (classic) 😊


Skincare Heidi
Skincare Heidi
Nov 17, 2020

Hi Sparklers! It's time to let us know... What are you going to use for your Bullet Journal? Comment here to share with us what you've chosen. Not sure what to do? We can help you decide.

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